Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New Evee Evolution: Ninfia.

In the February Issue of CoroCoro, a Japanese manga game and toy magazine, a new Pokemon evolution was revealed that has many in the Pokemon community abuzz. As scans of the magazine cover made their way online people were speculating if it was a new or existing Pokemon type The name of the Pokemon is Ninfia and evolves from many peoples favorite Pokemon Evee.

Yes, a new Evee evolution.

With little to no information to go off of, people let their imagination run wild with guessing what type it could possibly be. I'm a frequent visitor of Pokemon Forums and seeing some of the members thoughts was rather interesting. Some people said it could be a dragon type evolution and others thought it was a new flying type Pokemon. I found the flying type idea very interesting because when I first saw the screenshot I thought of Skyla. I know it would be stupid to make a Pokemons genetic make up that of a characters appearance but come on, look at it.  

What really stood out to me was the colors used on Ninfia and it's resemblance to Skyla.  

The colors that make up Ninfia are pink and blue with some of its, I'm not sure what to call them, limbs seem to be blowing back as if they are blowing against the wind. As some of you are familar with the TCG (I hope) and the video game, you will know that Skyla's appearance is almost the same. Another indication that it could possibly be a flying type and it's ties to Skyla is the bows on it's body. If some of you don't know, Skyla has bows on her head that resemble plane propellers that are spinning. Looking closely at Ninfia, you can see bows that in my opinion resemble propellers that ARE NOT spinning. I know it is easy to assume that the bows probably don't mean nothing and I'm looking too much into it.

This is where I would like to make my case that the bows do mean something.

In all the previous Evee evolutions, each Pokemon has a distinct type of body characteristic on it that indicated what type it was. As in the photo to the right, you can see I pointed out each of the markings. For there not to be a type indication on this new Evee evolution goes against what Pokemon has been doing ever since they starting making evolutions to Evee.

My final answer: Flying.

What do you think? This posting was primarily my theory on what type it could be and I'm always up for discussing the ideas of other people. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me how wrong I am or if you agree.

- Manifesto


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